Something for those Sunny Quarantine Days: Sunglasses Trends 2020

Everyone has been spending quite a lot of time outside recently; it seems as though the outdoors is the only place that we feel safe recently. And with the being outside in the sunlight comes one of my favorite accessories– Sunglasses. The fact is that we are probably going to be only having backyard parties until mid-fall, so why not invest in some cute, trendy, or even classic sunglasses.

Trends come and go quite quickly when it comes to sunglasses, and these trends tend to rotate year to year. Something that might have been considered fashionable three years ago as a shape of sunglasses might jump back into trends a couple of years later. That’s why I love sunglasses, nothing really ever goes out of style. As for this year, 2020 comes with some trendy sunglasses that we all know and love. Bringing back some classic characters and moving forward with futuristic shapes, the only good thing about 2020 so far seems to be the sunglasses.

The classic aviators finally got their spotlight this year but with some twists here and there. Obviously, the classic unisex Ray-Ban aviators never go out of style. Almost 5 years ago, they were my first pair to the sunglasses addiction that has developed over the years. And almost 7 pairs later, they still are a personal favorite of mine. They are comfortable, chic, and effortless, and definitely something that everyone should own!

What 2020 brings to the classic aviator is a very light (quite literally) oversized spin. Many fashion houses are making the aviator with larger lenses and lighter frames. In a sense, they have “feminized” the aviator, but just like other sunglasses, there is no “gender” assigned to a gorgeous pair– that’s something I love about these accessories!

Take a look at these Fendi aviators with light sage green lenses; they show a more playful side to the classic aviator making them super trendy in 2020. Moving away from something so classic, the world of sunglasses loves to travel into the future when developing shapes and lense structures. Strong mirroring, eccentric yet oversized shapes, and lense coloration categorize futuristic sunglasses.

Fendi Aviators

One brand that takes futuristic sunnies to another level is Dior. They push the envelope in making some avant-garde decisions for their sunglasses. This year, I actually bought a pair of their sunglasses with rose mirrored lenses and intentional cracks. Everyone takes a minute to appreciate the oddness of these sunnies– a common character for most dior sunglasses.

Dior Breaker Sunglasses

Sunnies can be expensive at time… okay most of the time. What I like to do is shop on the grey market for sunglasses! Jomashop, Ruelala, Gilt, etc. these grey market stores sell authenticated designer sunglasses at less. Yes, they may be last season or come without a warranty, but the heavy discount is enough to justify them. Also, remember what I said about sunglasses– nothing really ever goes out of style. So get out there ASAP and buy some sunnies while you can 🙂

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