Golden Goose: A Messy Surprise?

As many of my friends can tell you, I have never been a big fan of the Golden Goose sneakers. I tend to make fun of one gal in particular for her addiction to the luxury sneaker

Snakeskin Golden Goose Superstars

brand. But why buy a pair of dirty looking shoes, when I could take a pair and wear them out until they have the “distressed” look that GGDB markets? At first glance, the sneakers look pretty beat up, but after a while, you realize that they have so many different styles, patterns, and even textures that make their shoes so much more eclectic than the average pair of designer sneakers. I guess by spending some time on their website I could give my friends some credit for their addictions.
I still wasn’t sold on whether these shoes were worth the 600$ price-tag until I walked into the new Golden Goose Flagship in Chicago. The sales associate made my experience of buying shoes so great with the extra attention they gave me, and I learned so much more about the fashion house from my

Golden Goose Store Chicago

30 minute stop and shop in their boutique. I was really in desperate need of a pair of white high-tops, and I decided to try on a pair of their Classic Francy. My small feet (as usual) made the Men’s Francy unavailable in my size, and the SA decided to fetch me a pair of the same shoe but in Women’s sizes. While she did this, I found out from her that Golden Goose as a label preaches gender-fluidity in fashion– I LOVE IT! But back to the shoes. The sneakers hit all 3 things that I look for in shoes on the dot.




Like many Italian leather shoes, Golden Goose are super comfortable and breathable! They are even made from top of the line materials whether that be leather, snakeskin, or denim!
The best part about the shoes is the ability to customize them. After deciding on purchasing the white Francy, I wanted to make the shoes more fun per-se. I found out that GGDB makes it own laces to add some extra pizzazz to their shoes! To be honest, the experience of making the shoes my own and choosing the laces made me feel like a kid in a candy store. GGDB blew my mind in the style category.
But it can’t be all praise for Golden Goose, there are definitely two downfalls for the brand: the price and the sizing. When compared to its competitors like Philippe Modele, GGDB is definitely more expensive. You can get the same distressed look without the iconic star for much less. Even the laces are 70$! I bought these adorable denim laces that I can’t get over, but you can get a similar denim look for 10$ at an off-brand store. Personally, I like to think of all my shoes as a “self-investment”/confidence booster, so I tend to justify the exorbitant prices. But at the end of the day, the price is just NOT right.
Golden Goose’s sizing is a little off too. It is definitely one of those shoes that you go in-store to buy. I ended up buying a 37 even though I usually wear a 37.5/38 in sneakers. Just something to keep in mind.
Overall, these shoes are great; definitely worth all the buzz around them. I give them Samarth Approval 😉

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