New Year New Fashion? NYE Clothing Guide

It’s finally time for that magical time of the year filled with great clothes, friends, and memories. YES! Its NYE!

Obviously, going into the new year, we all like to look our best. But what do we wear to show that we are going to be our best ~most fashionable~ selves this year. Well, I want to say that I know the answer, but for the first time in a while, I don’t know what I am going to be wearing in a couple hours… yes I FORGOT TO GO SHOPPING. But for those of you who are in the same boat as me, let’s walk through some ideas that can get you dressed to the nines for 2022 🙂

A personal New Years Favorite of mine, is sequins. Glitter like the disco ball you are going to be dancing under… that’s what I like to say. So let me show you some options that I think are killer sequined looks.

Right now, I think the way to really shine into the new year is some colored sequins. Why wear a simple black when you can blind everyone with some gorgeous colored sequins. Below there are some options all over in price to exhibit that sequins sexiness! (Zara, Retrofete, David Koma)

Staying on the color train, crazy colors have their own place in a New Years Soiree. I think patterns, bright colors in cool fabrics, and more all can really shine during NYE.

And at the end an obvious option would be to go classic. Enter the New Year wearing some black and whites.

And lets not forget the same ideas apply for men too! Look at these awesome options!!!!

Ok so now its time for me to run (hopefully to a mall) and figure out what I need to wear for NYE. BYE!!

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