Playing Checkers (or should I say tartan) with Fashion?

For me, fashion goes beyond just throwing a bunch of designer items on top of each other. Don’t get me wrong, I love my designer pieces, and I love to wear them with each other all the time. BUT, I think someone who is really fashion-forward can look great without any designer pieces especially by recognizing the importance of patterns, prints, and textures.
One of the most common patterns is checkers… or tartan… you know what I mean. Introduced to us by the Scottish through their kilts, Plaid has been in fashion for quite a long time. It is a classic pattern that only gets emphasized during certain time periods. When many people think of tartan or famous checkered patterns, they think of the well-known Burberry Check introduced in 1920. The beige, red, and black pattern is so versatile. It has been adapted to various color schemes and has been duped by so many places.
Most checkered patterns have the same elegance as the classic Burberry staple. No matter the price range, checkers are just amazing. Ever since I was young, my mom loved to dress me in tartan, and now, I dress in plaid all the time especially my pants I LOVE plaid pants. The ability to use this pattern without looking cheesy or psycho even really shows that someone is fashionable (what I’m trying to do here is imply I’m fashionable if you can’t tell).

My favorite thing about plaid is the gender-neutral vibe. Plaid can be worn by anyone it is neither considered masculine nor feminine, and I think everyone can feel comfortable wearing it. Guys commonly find checkered suits and women can find dresses covered in the pattern. Honestly, I think it would be really cute to see a couple wearing matching Burberry Scarves. The fluidity makes this pattern my favorite!!!

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