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Racism in Fashion

Fashion, in general, is a big part of the lives of everyone through clothes, accessories, and other items we all subconsciously use on a daily basis. However, the industry isn’t as sparkly as the sequins many designer use. Ideally, brands should preach inclusivity for all races, genders, sexes, and body types, and during times ofContinue reading “Racism in Fashion”

Something for those Sunny Quarantine Days: Sunglasses Trends 2020

Everyone has been spending quite a lot of time outside recently; it seems as though the outdoors is the only place that we feel safe recently. And with the being outside in the sunlight comes one of my favorite accessories– Sunglasses. The fact is that we are probably going to be only having backyard partiesContinue reading “Something for those Sunny Quarantine Days: Sunglasses Trends 2020”

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